Spreading the Spirit of Good Sportsmanship

Spreading the Spirit of Good Sportsmanship

Getting involved in local happenings is our mission

Community is important. That's why 5th Quarter volunteers at and sponsors local events in the Van Meter, IA area. We're dedicated to helping others and making long-lasting connections with our neighbors. This way, we can promote the value of good sportsmanship while getting to know our guests better.

Learn more about our community work now by calling 515-996-9258.

Connecting with local events

Giving back is part of what makes our job so rewarding. That's why we're always willing to branch out and get involved with our community. Our team:

  • Donates pizzas for high schoolers after proms
  • Serves lunches for Racoon River Days
  • Volunteers at local community events

We're always looking for new ways to get involved. If you know of an outreach opportunity we might be interested in, tell us about it now. You can call us or come into our restaurant.